What is Chime?

Chime is a smith chart calculator used for impedance matching in RF circuit design.
  • This program intended to keep intuitive operation which use the chart paper, pen and compass and remove the pain of those operation by automatic calculation of element value.
  • A number of data can be plotted in the same chart.
  • The chart is converted into image file as PNG or JPG.
  • This program is written in Python and built upon the PyGTK packages, and it can be used for library that display a result that Python program calculated.



Some circuit elements as L, C, transmission line can be used in matching. Element constants are displayed.


A result of computation and a output of network analyzer is plotted on the chart, and a number of data is plotted on the same chart.
Support format is CSV that output of network anaylzer is rho(re,im), db, phase, impedance and admittance.
The chart is converted into PNG and JPG. PostScript printing will be supported in the near future.


This program requires the following software.



See also. Chime is based on xsmc.

Kushida Eiji (kushida@users.sourceforge.net)
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